About Me

Interior Concepts is a complete product and service design firm for residential and commercial clients. Jeannie has operated the business for 30 years and prides herself on making the home reflect the clients style and personality; or making a business reflect the image that it needs which will add to their bottom line. Relieving stress by educating clients is a major goal.

Jeannie loves to work with what you have, add to, rearrange and bring your space up to date and at the same time meets your budget.

All spaces have 4 sides, a ceiling and floor. Each part is separate and it all depends on how the pieces are put together that creates the “I want to stay in this place because it gives me comfort and peace”.

Products and services:

  • Color selection
  • Finish and material selection
  • Space planning
  • Art selection
  • Custom upholstery
  • Window treatments
  • Renovations or new space designs
  • Fabrics
  • Wall covering
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Floor coverings
  • Wall art
  • Accessories

Let’s Work Together

You are always welcome to browse during out regular business hours, or make an appointment to with a member of our design team to ensure you have uninterrupted time to discuss your specific project.


Excellent service and integrity are very important in all my relationships.  My mission is to help residential clients have more comfortable lives with personalized interiors which meet their needs and life-styles, budget and time frames.  And to assist corporate clients in improving their bottom line with well designed spaces which project their image, meets their budget, time frame, and safety requirements.