Closet Conversion

This was a coat closet which we turned into an efficient business office for one employee.


Previous Next Beautiful doors to the Mausoleum Entrance. We selected all of the materials for this Mausoleum, such as the lighting, furniture, rugs and fabrics.

Executive Office

This is a private office for a medical facility.  We did some space planning and selected the colors.  We also selected the sleek and functional furniture.

Law Office

Previous Next We chose all exterior materials and colors. This is a reception area with the main entrance to the back of the photo.  This U shaped area was designed […]

Business Office

this office inside a funeral home reflects the style carried throughout; traditional with dark woods. It is a small space so we totally built in everything, including the desk and […]


Excellent service and integrity are very important in all my relationships.  My mission is to help residential clients have more comfortable lives with personalized interiors which meet their needs and life-styles, budget and time frames.  And to assist corporate clients in improving their bottom line with well designed spaces which project their image, meets their budget, time frame, and safety requirements.