Home Furnishing Trends

Following trends in home furnishings can be fun as well as helpful. Here are some designs to watch for in 2018. I can see the influence of Jo Anna Gaines […]

My thoughts on using decorative mirrors…

I love to use mirrors because they instantly expand space, reflect light, and add a sparkle. Make sure your mirror reflects a nice view.  Select oversized and tall for a […]

Selecting the Proper Rug Size

Tips to ensure proper size selection Once of the most common reasons that rugs are returned is improper size selection. Choosing the correct rug size is essential to filling a […]

Can you give tips on decorating an office?

One of the biggest problems I see is separating commercial design from residential design.  Everyone is familiar with home design and products used there.  Commercial has fire ratings, a corporate […]

How do I select accessories for my room?

The quote “less is more” can definitely be applied to accessories;  too many can create clutter and confusion.  Your eye stops on every object so clutter will not allow a […]


Excellent service and integrity are very important in all my relationships.  My mission is to help residential clients have more comfortable lives with personalized interiors which meet their needs and life-styles, budget and time frames.  And to assist corporate clients in improving their bottom line with well designed spaces which project their image, meets their budget, time frame, and safety requirements.