Home Furnishing Trends

Following trends in home furnishings can be fun as well as helpful. Here are some designs to watch for in 2018. I can see the influence of Jo Anna Gaines from HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” evolving. She has brought Rustic to urban styling. Instead of a total rustic theme, two or three elements are being used […]

My thoughts on using decorative mirrors…

I love to use mirrors because they instantly expand space, reflect light, and add a sparkle. Make sure your mirror reflects a nice view.  Select oversized and tall for a statement and use unusual shapes as art objects.  Mirrors are particularly nice is foyers which are often dark and they give guests an opportunity to […]

Selecting the Proper Rug Size

Tips to ensure proper size selection Once of the most common reasons that rugs are returned is improper size selection. Choosing the correct rug size is essential to filling a space properly and making the rug look the best it can within a particular living area. It is important to note that appropriate rug size […]

Can you give tips on decorating an office?

One of the biggest problems I see is separating commercial design from residential design.  Everyone is familiar with home design and products used there.  Commercial has fire ratings, a corporate look, and can hold up to heavier wear.

Where do I start when selecting paint colors?

Look for inspiration in paintings, rugs, fabrics or even your closet.  If you can wear it, you can live with it. Wood is not neutral, it has a color; it is often orange, red, or yellowish.  Try to blend with your wood because it is part of the whole.  If you are not matching an […]

How can I make a large room with high ceilings cozy?

First decide the different functions the space will serve.  For example, if you have a large space that needs to be living, dining and kitchen use area rugs to define the living and dining spaces and cabinets to define the kitchen.  Use pendants, chandeliers, and beams to bring the ceiling to a human scale.  

How do I select accessories for my room?

The quote “less is more” can definitely be applied to accessories;  too many can create clutter and confusion.  Your eye stops on every object so clutter will not allow a smooth visual flow around the room, therefore, creating visual and psychological unrest. Use fewer pieces to give each an importance and select your items based […]

How can I give an outdated fireplace an updated look?

Cover the old material with new tile or glass tiles for sparkle.  Sometimes adding a mantel or different mantel gives a lift.  If the material is highly textured, paint may be your only option aside from removing the material and starting over.

How do I decide what to put on my kitchen backsplash?

If you want a decorative back splash which usually covers 18 inches between the counter top and upper cabinets, there are exciting choices.  Weather you choose tile, granite, glass or another material, it needs to respect what is happening with other elements in your room.