We updated this foyer by selecting new paint colors, rugs, furniture, lighting and accessories.

Richmond Interior

We gave the fireplace a facelift and change the material from brick to glass tile.  We added a fireplace screen and accessories.  We also provided the rug.

Family Room

This gentleman relocated and we used all of his existing pieces to create a TV lounge. Only the paint and window treatments are new.

Living Space with Sectional

To avoid traveling down stairs to their family room, we turned this living room into the new family room. The sectional is the focus and faces a TV. Instead of […]

Retirement Condo

We did a complete remodel of this town house for a retiree. All new carpeting and paint, compliment his existing furnishings. Practical space planning opens up the room and creates […]

New Home in Glade Spring

Home on a lake with furnishings around a fireplace. Colors were selected from colors in stone.

Grandview Wooded Setting

This custom built house has a fireplace with natural stone from the area. This stone led to the selection of colors and all new furnishings complimented the woodsy theme.


Excellent service and integrity are very important in all my relationships.  My mission is to help residential clients have more comfortable lives with personalized interiors which meet their needs and life-styles, budget and time frames.  And to assist corporate clients in improving their bottom line with well designed spaces which project their image, meets their budget, time frame, and safety requirements.