Home Furnishing Trends

Following trends in home furnishings can be fun as well as helpful. Here are some designs to watch for in 2018. I can see the influence of Jo Anna Gaines from HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” evolving. She has brought Rustic to urban styling. Instead of a total rustic theme, two or three elements are being used here and there; perhaps rustic lighting, a trough sink, warm natural woods, cement, rattan and wicker in both furnishings and accessories.

As for trends in fabrics you will see lots of velvets. Gray is still a neutral of choice but used with rich violet, navy, emerald green and bold yellow. Expect to find the resurgence of botanicals and tropical prints and chintz as a new source of fabric finish. Popular paint colors are the same as those seen in fabrics. Geometrics are big in fabric and wall paper patterns and the ceiling is being called the fifth wall and papered with large geometrics.

Metals are being mixed with brass in faucets, lamps, and other lighting. Stainless kitchen appliances are being used with brass fixtures. Copper with all it color variations is being used in fireplace wraps, sinks, and in lighting. You will see marble in black and gray and also concrete on counter tops. Geometric tiles made of concrete are appearing.

Other items of interest are retro furnishings in stained wood with natural grain showing and standout lampshades. A trend from L.A. which may spread is Vegan environments or animals symbols in furniture, painting, etc. and no sign of their skin or bones used to produce any part of the décor.

Let me know what you are seeing!


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