How to Add Parisian Style to Your Home

We’ve noticed a big trend that’s brewing in the design world lately — Paris chic. Inspired by the stylish culture in The City of Lights, this design style tends to be bold, a bit more sophisticated and well curated.


With Parisian style, you’ll often find rich color schemes, intricate furnishings and a love for both minimalism and maximalism. Check out our 10 ideas to help you add Parisian chic style to your home.

Negative Space

Daniel Feau Conseil Immobilier, SA, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Don’t be afraid to give your furniture some breathing room to create some negative space in your home. Parisian homes are open, and while there is plenty of room for additional furniture, the negative space adds a calm, serene vibe.

Sculptural Light Fixture

Jane Beiles

An over-the-top light fixture is an easy way to quickly add Parisian style to your space. A light fixture like this one can really elevate any room, no matter what your design style is.

Banquette Seating

DKOR Interiors

Banquette seating is one of the best solutions for an odd corner or a small dining area. If your budget doesn’t allow for a custom banquette, find pre-made options online that fit your space. We dare you to not imagine yourself sipping on a café au lait at a French bistro when you’re sitting on your new banquette.

Bold Wallpaper

Ben Rollins

The French aren’t afraid of being bold, and this showstopping entryway with standout wallpaper is the perfect example. Wallpaper isn’t cheap — if you’re going to install it, go big!

Grown-Up Gallery Walls

Mary Costa

We will forever love a good gallery wall, but a trend that’s gaining steam is the less cluttered, more sophisticated gallery wall. These gallery walls are more curated, intentional and feature fewer art pieces.

Marble, Marble & More Marble

Marble is a prominent material in Paris apartments. Real marble requires care and attention, but faux marble is a great option. If you don’t want to go all in, try a few stylish marble decor pieces on your shelves or your coffee table.

Metal Elements

Mary Costa

Metal is a popular element in furniture, furnishings and decor. Don’t stick to all brass or chrome — mix different metals, instead.

Ornate Ironwork

Carlos Domenech

Architectural elements are a great way to add real character to your home. A wrought iron staircase is the perfect spot to incorporate unexpected detail. You can also incorporate wrought iron on a front or back door or an outdoor gate.

Herringbone Floors

Carlos Domenech

Instead of laying your hardwood floors in a typical vertical pattern, lay them in a herringbone pattern to create more visual interest. You can choose to do this in only one room for a dramatic effect.

Furniture as Art

Cecilia Dupire

While a bit harder to pull off, using furniture as art in your home is a true Parisian design element. Make a statement in your home by choosing truly unique pieces and using your creativity.


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