My thoughts on using decorative mirrors…

I love to use mirrors because they instantly expand space, reflect light, and add a sparkle.

Make sure your mirror reflects a nice view.  Select oversized and tall for a statement and use unusual shapes as art objects.  Mirrors are particularly nice is foyers which are often dark and they give guests an opportunity to check themselves as they come and go.

I am often asked how to size a chandelier to a room.  Here are a few guidelines:

For the average size room and 18” to 24” dimeter works.  The length should be no lower than 6’8” so not heads will be hit.  Dining tables are different.  The diameter can be wider and hang the chandelier 30” to 36” above the table top. In tall foyers center the chandelier in the center of the upper window which is often an arch.  It will be seen from the outside and needs to have an appropriate balance with the whole house.

Additional guidelines for bathroom lighting:  Wall sconces are nice because they light each side of you face which helps with shaving and makeup application. The center of bulb should be placed around 68” from the floor.  Wall mount a light bar around 86” from the floor.

Here are some guidelines for hanging bathroom accessories:  Towel bars and towel rings can be hang at 52” from floor. A toilet paper holder hung at 32” to 36” from floor and shower rods 86” for a standard shower curtain.

Area rugs are most often returned due to size.  Here are some helpful tips:  Select the rug based on furniture configuration and not on room size.  All living rooms can handle 5’ X 8’ which places the rug in the center of the grouping and under the cocktail table.  An 8’ X 10’ gives better definition to the seating group and allows you to put the front legs of sofa and chairs on the rug.  A 10’ X 13’ allows all legs to be on the rug and definitely gives the grouping an importance.

In a dining room select a rug size that will allow you to comfortably pull chairs away from the table.  Plan at least 30” per chair; if your table is 48” X 72” select a rug that is at least 9’ X 12’. An 8’ round or square works well with 36” round or square tables.

Allowing for the best look you can give your bedroom rug, I will give you three choices.  One is a 9’ X 12’ which allows for all of the bed legs to be on the rug.  The rug should extend 24” on the three sides leaving the floor visible all around.   If you use an 8’ X 10’, turn it perpendicular to the bed.  In this case the top legs will not be on the rug and drop it toward the foot, so that sides and bottom have an equal amount of rug spacing.


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